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Secret Passage 2

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Entrance to Bum Asylum; view from Pepper Park 3
Entrance to Bum Asylum
Entrance on right side; secret door straight ahead
Twister subsidiary; entrance into the Passage
Entrance from Outzone 8 into Secret Passage 2 with NPC Billy

This is a linear secret underground passage going in both directions from/to:

  1. Pepper Park sector 3 beside the Brotherhood of Crahn headquarters and across the Brothers in Arms shop, small yellow-green door
  2. enter/leave sector "Bum Asylum"
  3. behind the secret door (activate resp. right-click wall) - coming from PP3, you go straight ahead, then turn the corridor right until you hit the wall
  4. past a shop area and secret HQ for Tsunami Syndicate faction members
  5. past an off-shoot or branch establishment of the Twister stripclub and bar
  6. enter/leave sector "Bum Asylum"
  7. sector "Secret Passage 2" with several ladders and metal gateways - looks complicated, but is linear
  8. green-lit tunnel
  9. Outzone sector 8, hole in the ground area, lower end of the ladder

If you choose to enter the Passage via the Bum Asylum, check your faction sympathy status toward the Tsunami Syndicate.