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Tsunami Syndicate

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“Our business is your pleasure.” The Tsunami Syndicate deals in crime and they do not even try to hide it. Prostitution, gambling and extortion are their main sources of income. They are situated in Pepper Park, where they control the red-light district. They also control various shops and establishments in areas Pepper Park.


The HQ is located in Pepper Park SEC-1 opposite of Club Veronique.

Faction Relations

Tsunami Syndicate E F N E E E X E N F F N

Key personalities

Veronique Duchamps

Controls entire red-light world in Neocron. This graceful high-class prostitute with the dreamy gaze of a drug-addicted angel had the sense to save some of her money and open her own establishment as soon as she could. The tragic unsolved death of her pimp together with three of his colleagues in a terrible sex crime helped her career a great deal. It made her a respected member of the scene. Her bad experiences with drugs made her become a fierce enemy of any kind of medication, which is what saved her from the effects of the 'spirula' scandal.

Reginald 'Flux' Axom

Sysadmin and advisor for the syndicate, PSI-monk blessed with curing abilities. Because of his sympathy for Madame Veronique, he decided to turn his back on the Brotherhood.


Neocron is not much different than anywhere else. There is an endless chain of fraternization and disputes, trade and blackmailing, arrangement and fraud.
That's why in 2750 the 'Pussy Club' is one of the oldest clubs in Pepper Park. It specializes in fulfilling the exclusive wishes of rich men and women and is often the meeting point for conversations that are not for public ears. Absolute discretion is Madame Veronique's credo. Even though Veronique doesn't want to have anything with drugs, the Syndicate is far from harmless: without any doubt, the Tsunami Syndicate belongs to the most brutal and unscrupulous factions in Neocron.

Starter apartment

Runners choosing Tsunami Syndicate as their faction will start in Pepper Park apartment