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Phoenix Ltd. can be found on the Titan server
It is part of the Fallen Angels
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Pheonix Ltd. Logo

About Phoenix Ltd

Phoenix Ltd is a Fallen Angels Clan, based on Titan. The clan was initialy founded in June 2003 (Game year 2751) on Server Pluto. It was re-founded on Terra at the start of Neocron 2.

Phoenix Ltd was re-founded on Titan April 16th 2013 back in Fallen Angels

Current Leaders

Past leaders and sub-leaders

  • Zane Shadowfall (Pluto)
  • Thonkus (Pluto)
  • John Keel (Terra)
  • Tricia Mcmillian (Terra)
  • Lifewaster (Terra)
  • Tratos Skarn (Terra)


Phoenix Ltd was founded in Tech Haven in 2751 after the former clan Guardian Tech Labs was closed down by the leaders of Tangent Technologies. It is not clear why the clan was closed down, but it is strongly rumoured at the time that the clan's policy of tradeskilling and building vehicles did not fall in favour of the Faction's agenda to destory Biotech and dominate the wastelands.

Since Zane Shadowfall's plan was to become the dominant supplier of vehicles, he looked closely at joining NExT.

However, when Zane examined the premises offered for the manufacturing operations, he found there was not suitable for the firm's needs. They lacked power and space, and getting raw materials to the premises would be a logistics nightmare. Alex Starr was disappointed that was unable to offer anything suitable suggested that they contact the Fallen Angels in Techhaven, but getting support of the current clans in the Faction proved to be difficult due to the hostile relationship with Tangent. However Zane managed to gain the support of one of the leaders of the Tech Haven Security Council, who had a very strong influence with many of the other clans of Fallen Angels.

After being given an escort around Techhaven labs and facilities, Zane found Tech Haven was more than suitable for the firm's current and maybe future needs, and agreed to defect to Fallen Angels, if he could persuade the current employee's of GTL to defect as well. Zane called a meeting of the employee of GTL, who where initially shocked about the though of going to live underground with the Fallen Angels. However since the employees of GTL felt they had been mistreated and bullied by Tangent, the majority of the employees agreed that joining Fallen Angels was the way to go. GTL did loose a couple of high level employee's to NCPD Precinct One, but Zane ensured he kept a strong relationship with them.

The founding of Section 2

When Phoenix Ltd was formed in the Fallen Angels faction it consisted of mostly constructors and researchers. Very few staff members were trained in combat, and this prove to be problematic after getting caught out in some raids on Techhaven by it's enemies.

Zane Shadowfall formed Section 2, which was a working title for Phoenix Ltd's combat section. The primary function of section 2 was to assist in protecting the employee's of Phoenix Ltd and other Fallen Angels runners. It soon expanded into undercover operations to help protect the interests of Fallen Angels.

Most of the files on Section 2 are classified, however it is famously known that Section 2 infiltrated the First Skull Cult, and was instrumental in it's downfall.

Apointment of Brammers as CEO

This interview was given to the Voice of the Resistance. in 2756 (March 12th 2008)

It’s not a well know fact that I wasn’t the founder of Phoenix Ltd. It surprises a lot of people when I tell people that. The original founder of Phoenix was Zane Shadowfall. Once everyone finds out, they all ask how I become the CEO of one of the most powerful company in Fallen Angels.

It happened about 4 years ago. It wasn’t anything simple like, my boss saying “I’m retiring, the company is yours.” or something more pleasant.

No I become the CEO of Phoenix ltd by a process more commonly known as “Guns, politics and bullets.”

Here is the story of what happen on the day I became CEO. That day there was a faction meeting – nothing unusual about that, but that day was a bit special as Lupus Wonderboy, the Faction Assistant was in attendance. It was made even more special, as Lupus had awarded myself, Zane Shadowfall, Thonkus (Former Chief Scientist of Phoenix Ltd) and Trillian (Who worked for the Techhaven Security Council at that time) the first ever Free Thinker medals of the faction.

Then Zane Shadowfall took the chair to address the faction about the issues concerning the faction, as he was the Faction chairman then.

Now before this meeting, there had been lots of issues within the faction, which everyone felt was being caused by Technocrat and his clan Technocracy. Before the meeting, Zane has assured me he would address the issue of Technocrat and his clan at the meeting. Zane jokingly said he wanted to solve the Technocracy problem by “Putting a bullet in the head of Technocrat” but he knew, as the Chairman of Fallen Angels runner council, he could not do that.

As Zane addressed the faction, we all got the biggest shock of our lives. First, he turned over the CEO position to me, which really caught me off guard, and then he continued to address the faction, which turned out to be his final address to the faction.

These were his words. “I have a few personal issues that I have to resolve. I’m going on a personal mission away from Tech Haven. Away from Neocron and the Canyon. For all those original people who I have come to appreciate the friendship of…good luck I know you will all pull through. We have seen many new clans join the Fallen Angels. And it has been great to see us grow. However we have also seen people join who have caused nothing but strife and trouble for us. For that, I repay them the favour. Be safe all.”

At that moment he drew his weapon and shot Technocrat in the head, Zane then escaped to the wastelands to live the rest of his life as an outlaw of Fallen Angels. Once everyone got over the shock, I noticed a lot of people looking at me.

At that point, I realised my first few tasks as CEO of Phoenix Ltd were going to be very difficult to handle.

The Titan Incident

Around September 2762, Brammers was summoned to appear in front of the Tech Haven Security Coouncil and the Science Council charged with espionage, and leaking secrets of a project called Titan to Tangent Technologies.

Brammers pleaded his innocence, however The Science Council found Brammers guilty as charged. The Science Council disbanded Phoenix Ltd, and exiled him from the Fallen Angels faction. He was warned never to step into Tech Haven again; otherwise he would be killed on sight regardless of what faction he was in. Many of the members of Phoenix disappeared quietly into the background and remained in Fallen Angels, while others believed Brammers was innocent and left the faction.

Brammers laid low in the BioTech faction for several months until he started hearing rumours that Tangent was working on a new Freezer Beam Prototype Weapon. He then called up a few trusted friends to formulate a bold and daring plan, to steal this weapon!

On the day of the weapons test, Brammers used a Holovest to impersonate StevenJ to view the test. There he learnt the name of the real spy within Fallen Angels, and discovered the weapon was built on the designs of the stolen blueprints of project Titan. With the escape route in place he grabbed the Freezer Beam Prototype Weapon, and blew up the test lab in Tangent HQ in the process.

With the evidence and the weapon he made arrangements to see the Science Council where he presented the evidence. At the hearing a senior member of the Science Council was taken away. Brammers was cleared of all charges and allowed to return to the Fallen Angel as a free man with a free mind.

However the assets for the clan had already been redistributed, so Brammers had to restart from scratch. Brammers was first reluctant to start over again, but once he realised he was home in Tech Haven, he knew Phoenix Ltd would rise from the ashes again.