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Tangent Technologies

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The Entrance to Tangent Technologies HQ in Neocron City


Tangent Technologies (Tangent) is the main weapons developer / manufacturer in the city of Neocron. Originally an internal division of Biotech Industries (Biotech), Tangent broke from it's parent company in 2746. It's focus on the research and development of arms provided such quality that City Admininistration uses Tangent weapons to arm their Copbot squads. The Tangent culture clearly revolves around personal safety and security. Their motto, “In guns we trust”, is really the perfect descriptor.


The Tangent Technologies headquarters can be found in Viarosso SEC-2, nearby the zone line for Viarosso SEC-3. Like every HQ, it has two guards outside the main entrance. It has GoGuardians, a Venture Warp and a Yo's Pawn Shop nearby.

Faction Relations

Tangent Technologies F F F X E N E E E F E E

Key Personalities

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan owns both BioTech Industries and Tangent Technologies Inc. In 2748, at age 90, Robert handed control of BioTech over to his younger son, Seymour Jordan. Robert gave control of Tangent to his older son, Damion. Robert told them that whomever proves themselves to be the better manager will be given control of both the companies.

Damion Jordan

Damion Jordan is the current Tangent Technologies. Damion is not prepared to lose the competition between his brother Seymour and is willing to take extraordinary measures to bury his brother so that he can control .

Faction Assistants

Past faction assistants for Tangent Technologies are Vincent Rydell and Bud Judson.

Headquarters Layout

The HQ consists of 4 floors:

Ground - Entrance and reception, 1st Floor - Main Office (Human Resource Directors) 2nd Floor - Supply Depot/Genrep/Medicare (Faction Supply Mangaers) 3rd Floor - Chez Sypher Restaurant

The Gogo's, Citycom's and Genrep are all situated on the Supply Depot floor, you can also buy chemicals, tools (Including TL150) and itemparts from the supply depot vendors.