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This user helped to beta test
Neocron 2.


This user employs warbots to count his contributions.


This user only drinks
Cron 55 Beer

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This user is a member of
Phoenix Ltd. on Terra.

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This user helped defeat
Zeus in the Phoenix Epic.

What does Brammers do on this wiki?

A lot of things! :)

I am the owner and lead admin for the THN. On this wiki I'm a Bureaucrat around here along with Delphi. My main job on the wiki is to help ensure it runs smoothly, and help assist anyone with any issues on the wiki. I also look into some of the more technical issues, like extending the wiki software to improve it's functionality. Have a look in my current job list for what I'm working on, and also my Talk page. The talk page is also a good place to leave a message or question for me.

You will find me working on articles now and again, not that often as I'm quite a busy person.

What I'm working on now

  1. Bringing the THN up-to-date
  2. Making sure Neocron future is secure.

Pages here

Development and testing pages