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This user helped to beta test
Neocron 1.


This user employs warbots to count his contributions.


This user only drinks
Cron 55 Beer

Clan Phoenix logo.jpg

This user is a member of
Phoenix Ltd. on Terra.

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Neo. I'm an Aries and my favourite colour is blue. I enjoy long walks on the beach and head getting head whilst riding public transport. I once zwaffeled a post box.

I have been playing Neocron for 20 years now after I invented the internet. I have an Obamaphone; it doesn't work much and it keeps asking me to donate the minutes I have to other Obamaphone users.

Danae is my favourite Neocron Support Team member. She is awesome and if I could be someone when I grow up, it would be her but with larger breasts.

PS: This was openly public abuse by Danae of which she will fully admit too!

What Do I do here?

  • Not a lot, but increasing my workload slowly
  • I look after/run/maintain the THN-CPU in the Neocron IRC Channel.

Current projects?

  • Need to write an admin command for the THN-CPU as the admin's don't know how to use it...

Things I do to procrastinate

  • Neocron
  • Learning how to Wiki Admin
  • THN-CPU up keep
  • Breaking the hard work that Brammers does
  • Making Brammers do more work for me... I think I owe many many beers...
  • ..... making lists.......