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Omni-Tek Corporation can be found on the Titan server
It is part of the Tangent Technologies
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Omni-Tek Corporation

About Omni-Tek

The Omni-Tek Corporation was founded by Maze and Charileux (current leader) in the year 2755 with the objective to maintain order and stability through strict rule enforcement.

While officially a corporation, Omni-Tek strives not only for corporate but also military power.

Loyalty is highly rewarded where failure to comply results in disciplinary measures one lives with for the rest of their lives.


The Omni-Tek Corporation maintains a found relationship with the City Merc's 17th Squad by providing trade services in exchange for protection.


The Omni-Tek Corporation shares the Tangent Technologies objectives;

  • To provide a stable market for the City of Neocron;


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Engineer

Leeroy Jenkings