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War Angels can be found on the Titan server
It is part of the Fallen Angels
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About the War Angels

The War Angels are a Fallen Angels Clan. The Clan is based on Titan, with former strength on Mars

The War Angels were re-founded on Titan around the 7th of May 2013


  • The War Angels are often involved in storyline events, with many roleplay based actions initiated by clanmembers.
  • The War Angels also do not shy from Player vs. Player action, as long as it is against longstanding or temporary enemies. Conflicts with neutral or allied Players will most of the time be tried to be solved peacefully.
  • Given enough members, the War Angels are also involved in Outpost fights.


The War Angels are strongly connected with their originating faction, The Fallen Angels. They fight for Tech Haven and the Fallen Angels, and do not shy from violence if necessary. The War Angels strife to attain strong ties with other Fallen Angel Clans, and conflicts are tried to be solved peacefully. Peaceful behaviour is also encouraged within the War Angels towards allies of the Fallen Angels and factions neutral to them.


The War Angel have been involved (Besides many others of course) in several key events of the Dome of York vs. Neocron time. To name a few:

  • The cleaning of the Twilight Guardian canyon of Radiation
  • The HIOB Crysis
  • Regants Return
  • The wasteland wide spider infestation, which originated from the experimental farming stations


Current Leader

Past Leaders