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Synaptic Impairment

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Synaptic Impairment is what a runner suffers from after having a major shock to the runner's body. (Such as dying or using the Genrep).

The runner's current Synaptic Impairment can be viewed on the Skills window (F5)

The F5 skills window - A runner with no synaptic impairment

Synaptic impairment is frequently abbreviated to SI by runners.

You can get synaptic impairment in the following ways. The amount of synaptic impairment varies depending on the actions committed by the runner, such as:-

  • Being killed and having to Genrep (42% SI)
  • Genrepping to a location (19% SI). However there is an exception to this rule. If your clan owns the op, you do not get any synaptic impairment.
  • If you are a Rigger, and your drone is destroyed in combat, you got a small amount of Synaptic Impairment. (4% SI)

The effects of synaptic impairment can stack up to a maximum of 100%


When a runner suffers from synaptic impairment, all the runner's skills are reduced by the % amount of synaptic impairment. So if you have 32 Constitution, and you have 42% Synaptic impairment, your constitution skill will be 18.

The reduced skills will effet the runner's ability to use equipment, even to a point that he may not be able to use an item until the synaptic impairment has worn off. Some items, like LOM Pills, cannot be used until Synaptic Impairment wears off completely.

A runner with 42% synaptic impairment after a death

Runners can get rid of synaptic impairment, by waiting a short amount of time. Synaptic impairment wears off at a rate of 2% every 15 seconds.