LOM Pills

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LOM pills at the Taylor's Biochem in Plaza 1.

Loss Of Memory Pills, commonly referred to as LOM Pills, are a form of memory erasing drug that allow you to free up used skill points. LOM pills are sold at Taylor's Biochem and Dragon Drugs vendors in packs of 10, with a pill available for each sub-skill within a skill. Each use of the pack restores 5 skill points, at a small XP cost to the relevant skill, so a pack of 10 can restore 50 skill points. There are also an "improved" variant of loss of memory pills, these cost much more NC to purchase initially but you lose less XP per use.

XP and level loss

Due to the small amount of XP lost when using LOM pills it is possible to lose a level of the relevant skill, if the XP bar for that skill is close to zero. When this occurs no skill points are returned, however your XP bar at the lower skill level will now be almost full - you are then free to carry on using the LOM pills to recover skill points.


  • As of patch 159, released in March 2007, there is currently no Synaptic Impairment penalty for using LOM pills. It should be noted however that the patch notes stated this would be the case for "the first period of the retail version", (Neocron 2.2), so this situation may not be permanent... however it is now 2021 and this is still the case, so...
  • The new and improved loss of memory pills are made using entrails from sewer dwellers, as discovered during the Job Center mission "One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure".