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An epic mission is given by every join-able faction in the game. There are typically 6 individual missions that make up the epic. At (or near) the end you receive an epic item that is specific to each faction.

Along the way you will also make a decent amount of cash and experience. Killing or visiting the denoted NPCs or mobs is not the difficulty, but the body guards or the path for getting there can be troublesome.

Once all six epic missions are complete, your character becomes a faction "Master" and will be denoted as such by a "Master" annotation after the player's faction tag as well as a "COMPLETED" entry in the F6 faction window alongside the corresponding faction. Master status of a given faction is set permanently on a character and cannot be undone by a player, therefore the complete sequence of epic missions can only be run once per faction per character.


You must be a member of the faction to do the epic mission. Each individual mission in the epic will also have a level requirement, the highest of which is **/45.

Required rank

In order to do each part of the epic, you need the following character rank to start each part.

  • First mission **/10
  • Second mission **/20
  • Third mission **/30
  • Forth mission */35
  • Fifth mission*/40
  • Sixth mission */45

Starting a Epic

In order to start an Epic Mission, you need to belong to the faction you're doing the Epic Mission for, then you go to a Human Resources Director or Recruitment Officer in that faction's headquarters and talk to them. They will go through a dialogue that will start your first mission.


The full list of epic missions can be found Here


This is a complete list of the Epic items available in the game.

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