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Biotech Systems

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BioTech Industries Incorporated (BioTech) is a curious corporation. Research into biomechanical implements and nano-augmentations for disabled citizens is an admirable function, however BioTech doesn't stop there. By their own admission, BioTech's two-word goal is “Custom Evolution”. Some would say that the potential abuse of such a goal is a reality through BioTech's existence. CEO Seymour Jordan would struggle to disagree with them.

For the time being, those who dislike the idea of “Custom Evolution” can do little more than shudder.


BioTech's main office is located in the Vauxhall Memorial in Via Rosso, Sector One. Here you will find most of the administration running BioTech. Their main labs are also located here, however, it is widely suspected that BioTech has other satellite labs located elsewhere in the city.

Faction Relations

BioTech Systems F N N E X F E N E N N E


BioTech's implants are sold to whomever has the money. BioTech's “wetware” is used by able-bodied citizens for reasons ranging from curiosity (e.g. “I want to jump 10 meters into the air”) to a perceived necessity (e.g. “I need subdermal armor to survive”). The trade of BioTech's implants has created a new class of citizens who specialize solely in being able to perform implantations and de-implantations on other citizens. Such surgeons can be paid a great deal of money.

BioTech has a business relationship with Protopharma. They are working together on the next generation of biomechanical implants. Rumored connections with the Tsunami Syndicate seem rather unlikely when one considers the strong tie between BioTech and CityAdmin. It is BioTech's processing units that power the CopBots that patrol the city. It is also worth noting that for security services, BioTech has a contract with the CityMercs.

BioTech's greatest adversary is, of course, Tangent Technologies Inc. The CEO brothers are in a heated competition which will reward the winner with ownership of both companies. However, the second war with the Dome of York has resulted in a powerful alliance of the Cityadmin supporters and the once reckless rivalry with Tangent, is now limited to business contest.

It's worth noting that the Cityadmin Law Enforcer implant is the result of a partnership with BioTech. This is a tight bond that both parties have no interest in breaking.

A second problem is the repeated production of BioTech knock-offs by the Black Dragon Clan. Finally, as BioTech has a strong relationship with CityAdmin, outfits such as the Anarchy Breed are the Twilight Guardian pose non-trivial threats to the future of BioTech.

Key Personalities

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan owns both BioTech Industries and Tangent Technologies Inc. In 2748, at age 90, Robert handed control of BioTech over to his younger son, Seymour Jordan. Robert gave control of Tangent to his older son, Damion. Robert told them that whomever proves themselves to be the better manager will be given control of both the companies.

Seymour Jordan

Seymour Jordan is the current CEO of BioTech Systems. Seymour is not prepared to lose the competition between his brother Damion and is willing to take extraordinary measures to bury his brother so that he can control Tangent Technologies.

Joanna Hawkes

BioTech sysadmin, Joanna Hawkes, is extremely accomplished for her age (16 years). She studied under the legendary Chester Cohor (Incidentaly, he is the sysadmin for Tangent). Her low-profile keeps her safe, mysterious, and just a little more powerful than you'd expect.


BioTech was founded in 2638. It's core concern has always been biomechanical research and development but over the years BioTech has invested in a numerous projects, ranging from common medicaments to the first interstellar vehicle, the Avenger.

After the successful launch of the Avenger, BioTech split it's focus. Development in biomechanical implants continued as new labs were built to accommodate the new Tangent division. The Tangent division was created to research and develop High-Tech weaponry.

The Tangent division ended up being a veritable gold mine during the revolution of Lioon Reza(2722-2742). BioTech, supporting the rise of Reza have had nothing but a beneficial relationship with him and his Neocron CityAdmin since.

While Tangent split off and incorporated itself in 2746, BioTech made so much money manufacturing interstellar vehicles during the “Great Trek”, it hardly made a difference to the bottom-line.

Today, the Great Trek is over, and BioTech is more or less reverted to it's original goal of making biomechanical implements.


Recent cooperation between BioTech and ProtoPharm is rumoured to be more than just business; more than the co-development of next-generation bio-mechanical implements. The connection is said to be between BioTech CEO Seymour Jordan and Protopharma CEO Sandra Fraiser. There is little doubt that Seymour will exploit this relationship as much as possible. Anything to beat his brother Damion (CEO, Tangent Technologies Inc).

Harder to believe is the rumoured connections between BioTech and the Tsunami Syndicate. Most people think that black market drug trafficking would seem to be too dangerous an activity for a high profile corporation like BioTech.

Finally, conspiracy circles constantly accuse BioTech of putting surveying / tracking mechanics in their products. The theory is that the implants collect information from your body (tracking body movements or even brain waves / chemicals) and then transmit that information to a BioTech database which is in turn licensed to one or more third parties. The theory concludes that CityAdmin is one of the third parties in question.

The creation of the Dome of York Kamikaze Troopers was based on a BioTech chip design.

Starter Apartment

Players who choose BioTech as their character's faction will start out in an apartment in Via Rosso.