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Special Missions

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If your faction Sympathy is too low (Like below zero or worse) you will find you cannot do missions for you faction from the CityTerm.

These missions can also be used to raise your Soullight.

However you can do special missions in Tech Haven if you have very low Faction Sympathy. You get these missions from Coporate Contacts in Tech Haven Sector 2 for Neocron Factions, and Resistance Officers in Sector 3 for Dome of York Factions. For City Mercs, look for the Special Operations Officer in Tech Haven Sector 2.

These NPC's give you a mission to kill 20 Anarchy Breed Agressors. When you complete the mission you will be rewarded 5 Faction Sympathy point to the faction you did the mission for. You can find Anarchy Breed Agressors in sectors H05 and H10. (And maybe I09)