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  • Within a wiki article there does not need to be any reference made to who the original source was from. If you wish to mention that an article was previously written by someone then please use the {{orig_auth}} template on the talk page.
  • Articles should be written from a non biased point of view.


  • First mention of the article's subject must always be made in bold text.
  • Articles should always begin with an brief description of the subject.
  • Only the first instance of a word should appear as an Interlink.
  • Articles should, if possible, contain at least one picture showing or illustrating the subject.
  • Articles should be divided into relevant Headings and Subheadings.

Player Conventions

  • Instead of using the name "Player" to describe someone who is playing the game, it is better to call them runners as the Neocron lore uses.

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