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Neocron Wiki:Disambiguation Policy

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  • A Disambiguation page is a way to resolving conflicts in article titles that occur when a single term can be associated with more than one topic. (See Disambiguation on WikiPedia.)
  • Some examples of articles on the NC-Wiki which have terms with more than one meaning are Ceres and Neocron.

Disambiguation page naming

Content of disambiguation page and main article pages

  • The main article will have a link at the top of the article to the Disambiguation page using the {{dablink}} template.
  • The disambiguation page should containe a link to all the other pages, with a short brief discription to help the user select the correct article to read.
  • The content of the main article will be decided by the NC-Wiki admin team. Opinions for the content of the main article can be left on the talk page of the article.
  • The disambiguation page will transclude the {{disambiguation}} template.
  • Redirect pages from the main article page to the Disambiguation page are not permitted.