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Template:Orig auth

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Template-info.pngTemplate Documentation[edit]

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Orig auth/doc. (edit | history)
'{{Orig_auth}} is a template to allow the attribution of Original ownership to an article - this should be used sparingly - and permission of use should be found from an admin

Use of Template

This template should only be used to attribute ownership of an article of item to a specific person. Acceptable use is on any information within the wiki that is not likely too, or will not change, for example the use of {{Orig_auth}} on Zheodaines map is acceptable, as it cannot be changed through the wiki interface, and therefore original ownership remains with Zheodaine. If the map ever changes then original ownership will be attributed to the new owner. An unacceptable use is to mark an article as edited or written by a user, once this information is on the wiki then you accept that anyone can change/edit and update the information thus the original ownership is irrespective.




permission: Type of permission, ideally options are with permission or without permission
auth: Name of original author
wiki_auth: Name of wiki author


url: URL for the original source


|permission=with permission
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