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Diamond Real Estate

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DRE Headquarters


Neocron's largest real estate agency. Diamond owns and leases out most of the residential and commercial spaces you will see in the city of Neocron. The apartment you live in, the cornershop, the ViaRosso suite of your wealthy friend - chances are that they are all owned by Diamond.


Diamond Real Estate (short: DRE) Shops can be found throughout the whole city of Neocron. However, their HQ is based in Plaza Sector 3. If you are in need of a new home or just are looking for a quick job - here is the place to find both.

Faction Relations

Diamond Real Estate F X F F N N F E E E F E


Generally speaking, any friend of City Administration is a friend of Diamond Real Estate. You will not find Diamond CEO Eric Danmund singing the praises of anti-establishment ruffians such as the Anarchy Breed or Twilight Guardian. Diamond has a vested interest in seeing that City Administration stays in control of the city. Diamond's business still depends on it and will continue to do so for a long time.

Apart from that Diamond is on good terms whith the City Mercs. Though it's not too common that the real estate agency has work for the mercenaries, both parties are always satisfied when working whit each other.

Key Personalities

Eric Danmund

Eric Danmund is the CEO running Diamond Real Estate. His collaboration with City Administration gained Diamond control over a great majority of Neocron's real estate. An eccentric soul, tales of his exploits read like the worst kind of fiction. Of course it is all dismissed as “competitor's slander” by the company speakers.

Cecil Stone

Former male model Cecil Stone is the SysAdmin at Diamond Real Estate. He dazzled Danmund with his knowledge, though some poeple say he is not half as good as he pretends to be.

Headquarters Layout

The layout of the HQ (Optional)


In 2746 President Reza decides to turn the former governmental “Department for Real Estate Allocation” into a private company, to increase its effectiveness which is badly needed since the Great Trek turns the real estate market into one chaotic mess. As a result Diamond Real Estate begins to turn enormous profits almost instantly. Under the leadership of Eric Danmund, Diamond flourishes and widens its focus to more than just simple real estate. A new partnership with Tangent Technologies Inc will be developing a new, integrated and more transparent approach to home security.


Citizens generally hold Diamond in high regard because of their excellent services. However, the rumours that are floating around about Eric Danmund's personal life could fill several high capacity DataCubes. Those tales contain stories about secret visits in very “special” Tsunami Syndicate establishments, questionable social events in private clubs, among other things. Popular among promiscuous citizens is the sarcastic quip: “Don't do anything Eric wouldn't do”.

In addition there seems to be floating around some nasty rumours about Danmund's System Administrator, Cecil Stone. It is rumored that he definitely did not get into his current positions by his qualifications (or lack thereof), but rather by more sinister means. Furthermore some people try to link him to one of Neocron's criminal organizations.

Starter Apartment

Players who choose Diamond Real Estate as the faction of their character will start out in an apartment in the Plaza district.