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Ceres Disks

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WOC Disk

A WOC Disk looks like an ordinary piece of computer junk, it's only identifiable feature, the fact that its stamped WOC.

Wisdom of Ceres Disc

Wisdom of Ceres Disc


The Way to the Apocalypse. Details of the world history and talks of the coverted WOC Disks.

What are they for?

WOC disks are used in the process of obtaining a Wisdom of Ceres level

Each WoC level requires the same number of WoC disks as the WoC level to be gained.

So if you plan to level to WoC 5, you will need a total of 15 WoC disks.

Where can they be obtained?

At one time you could obtain WoC disks by hunting the Prototype Ceres Infantry Troopers which can be found in the Ceres Labs on the lowest sub level. These will required hacking to obtain the item and the drop rate is fairly rare.