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Medicare is the branding of NPC shop within Neocron City that offers not only a selection of short term medical enhancements but has free accessable Restoration beds to recover lost health. Easily identified by the age old Medical Cross logo also embossed on their popular range of Medikits.


Medical Kit Medical Kit   First Aid First Aid  
Survival Kit Survival Kit   Stamina Booster 3 Stamina Booster 3  
Stamina Booster 1 Stamina Booster 1   Stamina Booster 2 Stamina Booster 2  
Thyronol Thyronol   Serumderibat Serumderibat  
Paratemol Paratemol   Destrosol Destrosol  
Trisolin Trisolin   Pentaserin Pentaserin  
Terisamol Terisamol   Etharudol Etharudol  
Hemoserol Hemoserol   Gemilirimol Gemilirimol  
Epantenarol Epantenarol   Ferinerol Ferinerol  
Thiosofanol Thiosofanol   Demerisol Demerisol  
Havenin Havenin   Havenin Forte Havenin Forte  
Havenin X-Forte Havenin X-Forte   Dolinskin Dolinskin  
Whiteflash Whiteflash   X-Strong X-Strong  
Paratemol Forte Paratemol Forte   Destrosol forte Destrosol forte  
Paratemol X-Forte Paratemol X-Forte   Destrosol X-forte Destrosol X-forte  

"Medicare" as an in game Term

Plaza 1 - Medicare

The use of the word "Medicare" in game has grown up to indicate the Plaza 1 Medicare, which is the focal point of Plaza 1. This refers to the area insde the building aswell as the area just infront of the sliding doors. This Medicare shop is seen as the Flagship of the chain which provides much smaller outlets around neocron City.