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The Tiki Tornado Club - is a bar/stripclub in Pepper Park SEC-02 brought to you by the Red Pepper Entertainment Group.

It is one large room with a central raised caged floor area coverted by four strippers above a lava pit. The club is tropic themed with Palm trees, Wooden seats and benches carved from logs, a wooden shack for a bar and even a indoor beach! It boasts some amazing aztec themed carving and the sheer scale of the club will amaze the most discerning runner.


There are several adverts for the club in the Pepper Park Pub sector, none refer to the "Tiki Tornado Club" in it's full name.

Tiki Tornado
Tiki Bar


The Tiki Tornado Club, has one entrance located in Pepper Park SEC-2 on the second floor level, opposite the subway
View from just inside the entrance doors

Runner Facilities

Complete with two GoGuardians and two Wireless R.N. Netlinks the club offers the basic needs for all runners.

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar

The Tiki Bar has two Bartenders Offering refreshments and light snacks.


Sin Soda Sin Soda  
Cab Cola Cab Cola  
Fizzy Soda Pop Fizzy Soda Pop  
Choc Chogger Choc Chogger  
Coco Candy Coco Candy  
Trash-Fresh Lemon Trash-Fresh Lemon  
Trash-Fresh Orange Trash-Fresh Orange  
Sin Cola Light Sin Cola Light  
Sin Cola Ultralight Sin Cola Ultralight  
Powerbooze Gold Powerbooze Gold  
Powerbooze Silver Powerbooze Silver  
Synthetic Wine Synthetic Wine  
Synthetic Wine Plus Synthetic Wine Plus  
Green Bull Light Green Bull Light  
Green Bull Boost Green Bull Boost  
Synthetic Grape Juice Synthetic Grape Juice  
Synthetic Milk Synthetic Milk  
Cron 55 Beer Cron 55 Beer  
Warbot Cola Warbot Cola  
Cheap Booze Cheap Booze  
Booze Booze  
Synthetic Whisky Synthetic Whisky  
Jack Whisky Jack Whisky  
Snow White Snow White  
Preachers Choice Full Blend Preachers Choice Full Blend  
Milky Ren Milky Ren  
Reezas Irata Power Snack Reezas Irata Power Snack  
Coconut Dream Double Bar Coconut Dream Double Bar  
Poisoned Cron 55 Beer Poisoned Cron 55 Beer  


Grilled Flounder on Seaweed Salad Grilled Flounder on Seaweed Salad  
Baked Wasteland Potatoes with Rice Baked Wasteland Potatoes with Rice  
Grilled Crab with Smoked Fish Grilled Crab with Smoked Fish  
Boiled Scorpion in Spinach Boiled Scorpion in Spinach  
Delicious Crab Soup Delicious Crab Soup  
Nigiri Sushi Nigiri Sushi  
Poisoned Sushi Poisoned Sushi  


There are several patrons to be found in the club.
Ventala Osborne
Seely Mcdonagh
Ballard Nevin
Storr Guerra
Mui Brownstone
Zeifer Jones

Other Characters in the Bar

Security (Tiki Tornado Club)
Chuck's Master
Chuck The Hurler
Axel Jackson