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Energy is one of the 6 primary damage types within Neocron, and is commonly delivered by mechanical mobs, and hightech weapons. Some weapons can do two or more damage types, when built well and modded properly. Many of these weapons have energy as a primary damage type, dealing 65% of their damage as energy, the remaining 35% usually fire or xray. This means that lots of people spec more resist energy than the other con-based resists.

Because it is the base damage type of high-tech weapons Energy damage can be considered the high-tech weapon equivalent of piercing damage

Energy damage is resisted by Energy Resist, which is commonly found on belt armor, Powered Armor suits and by the Resist energy Constitution skill.

Because it is the main damage type of several commonly-farmed mobs, as well as virtually all high-tech weapons, Energy Resist is one of the most important in the game.