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The Main Entrance

Visit now ! Found in Viarosso SEC-1 for a preview of some of the most dangerous animals you will find in neocron city and the surrounding Wastelands


Situated in Viarosso SEC-1 this impressive entrance is coverted with the Giant mosquito above the main doors.

Big Reaperspider enclosure

Zoo Keepers

Each display has an individual Zoo Keeper, Highly educated on these beasts and very informative when you talk with them.

Master Hunter

The zoo holds two of the three available master hunter trophys and proudly displays them in the main foyer.

Chez Sypher Restaurant


Neocron Zoo boasts one of the Largest Chez Sypher Restaurants in Neocron city, relax and take a break with refreshments and food on offer. The onsite NEMA outlet offers the chance to catch up with the latest news whilst you stop to take a break. GoGuardians for you personal convienience. CityComs for your personal convienience.


Make a Donation!

Feel like paying a little contribution to the upkeep of these animals? then do so at the admin desk, 20nc donations are accepted by clicking on either of the trophies.

Thanks for Visiting