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Chez Sypher is a chain of restaurants situated throughout the Viarosso sectors. Offering light meals and a substantial range of beverages, it's counterpart Garriot's Diner found in the Plaza district offers a similiar menu.


Sin Soda Sin Soda   Cab Cola Cab Cola  
Fizzy Soda Pop Fizzy Soda Pop   Trash-Fresh Lemon Trash-Fresh Lemon  
Trash-Fresh Orange Trash-Fresh Orange   Sin Cola Light Sin Cola Light  
Sin Cola Ultralight Sin Cola Ultralight   Powerbooze Gold Powerbooze Gold  
Powerbooze Silver Powerbooze Silver   Synthetic Wine Synthetic Wine  
Synthetic Wine Plus Synthetic Wine Plus   Green Bull Light Green Bull Light  
Green Bull Boost Green Bull Boost   Synthetic Grape Juice Synthetic Grape Juice  
Synthetic Milk Synthetic Milk   Cron 55 Beer Cron 55 Beer  
Warbot Cola Warbot Cola   Cheap Booze Cheap Booze  
Booze Booze   Synthetic Whisky Synthetic Whisky  
Jack Whisky Jack Whisky   Snow White Snow White  
Preachers Choice Full Blend Preachers Choice Full Blend   Poisoned Cron 55 Beer Poisoned Cron 55 Beer  

Light Snacks

Choc Chogger Choc Chogger   Coco Candy Coco Candy  
Milky Ren Milky Ren   Reezas Irata Power Snack Reezas Irata Power Snack  
Coconut Dream Double Bar Coconut Dream Double Bar  


Tofu sausages in poisonous plant puree Tofu sausages in poisonous plant puree   Smoked Giant Rat Steaks with Rice Smoked Giant Rat Steaks with Rice  
Filled Giant Rat on Vegetable Filled Giant Rat on Vegetable   Poisoned Rat Meal Poisoned Rat Meal  
Sausage with a fried Egg Sausage with a fried Egg   Rat Ragout with Broccoli Rat Ragout with Broccoli  
Baked Potatoes on Poisonous Plant Puree Baked Potatoes on Poisonous Plant Puree  

Meals (Available at the Neocron Zoo branch)

Grilled Flounder on Seaweed Salad Grilled Flounder on Seaweed Salad   Baked Wasteland Potatoes with Rice Baked Wasteland Potatoes with Rice  
Grilled Crab with Smoked Fish Grilled Crab with Smoked Fish   Roasted Giant Cockroach Roasted Giant Cockroach  
Baked Scorpion on Mutant Cheddar Baked Scorpion on Mutant Cheddar   Sausages and Onion Noodle Casserole Sausages and Onion Noodle Casserole  
Rat Steak with various Vegetables Rat Steak with various Vegetables   Sliced Snake, fried Eggs and Rice Sliced Snake, fried Eggs and Rice  
Sausages, Spinach and Mashed Roaches Sausages, Spinach and Mashed Roaches   Boiled Scorpion in Spinach Boiled Scorpion in Spinach  
Delicious Crab Soup Delicious Crab Soup   Nigiri Sushi Nigiri Sushi  
Poisoned Sushi Poisoned Sushi