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HEW stores can be found throughout the Via Rosso sectors, Military Base and within the Drone racetrack at Techhaven. High tech weapons ammo and mods can be purchased here. Aswell as Drones and Turrets. Hacknet software can be bought in the Via rosso Sec-3 HEW store.

The HEW store in the Drone racetrack in Techhaven only sells Drones and Turrets.

Items Sold


HEW Lightwand L77x3 HEW Lightwand L77x3   Street Model Welder Fusion Pistol Street Model Welder Fusion Pistol  
Unlabeled 'Sunray' Raypistol Unlabeled 'Sunray' Raypistol   Unlabeled 'Chill' Freezer Pistol Unlabeled 'Chill' Freezer Pistol  
A&W PP183K Plasma Pistol A&W PP183K Plasma Pistol   Tangent 'Substandard' Pulselaser Pistol Tangent 'Substandard' Pulselaser Pistol  
Ryker 'Glare' Laser Pistol Ryker 'Glare' Laser Pistol   HEW 'Jordan Special' LP-82a HEW 'Jordan Special' LP-82a  
IC-E-4453 Freezer Pistol IC-E-4453 Freezer Pistol   Ryker 'Pocketblizzard' FP-224 Ryker 'Pocketblizzard' FP-224  


HEW Liquid Fire Rifle HEW Liquid Fire Rifle   Unlabeled 'Slowfire' Rifle Unlabeled 'Slowfire' Rifle  
HEW Lightcaster Raygun HEW Lightcaster Raygun   A&W Snowflake Freezer A&W Snowflake Freezer  
Tangent Lightbringer FR-118 Tangent Lightbringer FR-118   Tangent 'Substandard' Pulselaser Rifle Tangent 'Substandard' Pulselaser Rifle  
Tangent B1 Rifle Tangent B1 Rifle   Tangent 'Sureshot' Laser Rifle Tangent 'Sureshot' Laser Rifle  
Ryker Laser Rifle LDR-872 Ryker Laser Rifle LDR-872  


Unlabeled Atomsmelt Cannon Unlabeled Atomsmelt Cannon   Unlabeled Lasercannon Unlabeled Lasercannon  
Unlabeled Freezer Cannon Unlabeled Freezer Cannon   Unlabeled Plasma Cannon Unlabeled Plasma Cannon  
HEW Slipstream Plasma Wave HEW Slipstream Plasma Wave   Basic Anti Air Rocket Launcher Basic Anti Air Rocket Launcher  
Laser Cannon Laser Cannon   Ryker Lasercannon Ryker Lasercannon  


A&W Scout Drone SR-1 A&W Scout Drone SR-1   A&W Scout Drone MR-1 A&W Scout Drone MR-1  
A&W Scout Drone LR-1 A&W Scout Drone LR-1   A&W Basic Lightweight Attack Drone A&W Basic Lightweight Attack Drone  
A&W Lightweight Attack Drone A&W Lightweight Attack Drone   A&W Light Assault Drone PI-1 A&W Light Assault Drone PI-1  
A&W Medium Assault Drone AR-1 A&W Medium Assault Drone AR-1   A&W Heavy Assault Drone GA-1 A&W Heavy Assault Drone GA-1  
A&W Advanced Assault Drone GA-2 A&W Advanced Assault Drone GA-2   A&W Hellfire Assault Drone GA-3 A&W Hellfire Assault Drone GA-3  
HEW Light Assault Drone L-100 HEW Light Assault Drone L-100   HEW Medium Assault Drone TL-100 HEW Medium Assault Drone TL-100  
HEW Heavy Assault Drone GAL-100 HEW Heavy Assault Drone GAL-100   HEW Advanced Assault Drone GAL-3000 HEW Advanced Assault Drone GAL-3000  
HEW Light Assault Drone SPL-100 HEW Light Assault Drone SPL-100   HEW Medium Assault Drone PL-100 HEW Medium Assault Drone PL-100  
HEW Heavy Assault Drone PLC-100 HEW Heavy Assault Drone PLC-100   HEW Advanced Assault Drone PLC-1000 HEW Advanced Assault Drone PLC-1000  
HEW Light Battle Drone SFC-100 HEW Light Battle Drone SFC-100   HEW Heavy Battle Drone FC-100 HEW Heavy Battle Drone FC-100  
HEW Advanced Battle Drone FC-1000 HEW Advanced Battle Drone FC-1000   HEW Light Assault Drone SFA-100 HEW Light Assault Drone SFA-100  
HEW Medium Assault Drone FA-100 HEW Medium Assault Drone FA-100   HEW Heavy Assault Drone FA-1000 HEW Heavy Assault Drone FA-1000  
HEW Battle Drone RG-50 HEW Battle Drone RG-50   HEW Heavy Battle Drone RG-100 HEW Heavy Battle Drone RG-100  
HEW Advanced Battle Drone RG-1000 HEW Advanced Battle Drone RG-1000   HEW Light Support Drone MR-50 HEW Light Support Drone MR-50  
HEW Heavy Support Drone MR-100 HEW Heavy Support Drone MR-100   HEW Advanced Support Drone MR-1000 HEW Advanced Support Drone MR-1000  
HEW Light War Drone RK-50 HEW Light War Drone RK-50   HEW Medium War Drone RK-250 HEW Medium War Drone RK-250  
HEW Heavy War Drone RK-500 HEW Heavy War Drone RK-500   HEW Advanced War Drone RK-1000 HEW Advanced War Drone RK-1000  
HEW Light Kamikaze Drone KK-100 HEW Light Kamikaze Drone KK-100   HEW Medium Kamikaze Drone KK-200 HEW Medium Kamikaze Drone KK-200  
HEW Heavy Kamikaze Drone KK-400 HEW Heavy Kamikaze Drone KK-400   HEW Particlebeam Drone PB-1 HEW Particlebeam Drone PB-1  
HEW Heavy Particlebeam Drone PB-4 HEW Heavy Particlebeam Drone PB-4   HEW Advanced Particlebeam Drone PB-20 HEW Advanced Particlebeam Drone PB-20  
HEW Ion Blaster MK-1 Drone HEW Ion Blaster MK-1 Drone   HEW Ion Blaster MK-2 Drone HEW Ion Blaster MK-2 Drone  
Tech Angels Ion Blaster MK-1 Drone Tech Angels Ion Blaster MK-1 Drone   Tech Angels Ion Blaster MK-2 Drone Tech Angels Ion Blaster MK-2 Drone  

Hacknet Software (Available only at the Via Rosso 3 HEW)

HEW Attack Software v 1.013 HEW Attack Software v 1.013   HEW Attack Software v0.012 Beta  
HEW Attack Software v0.027 Alpha   Cryton Regeneration Software v1.211  
Cryton Regeneration Software v0.017 Alpha   Cryton Defense Software v1.000  
HEW Attack Software v1.182   HEW Attack Software v1.312  
Cryton Regeneration Software v1.427   Cryton Regeneration Software v1.428  
Cryton Multilink Regeneration Software v1.002   Cryton Multilink Regeneration Software v1.142  
Cryton Multilink Regeneration Software v1.201   Cryton Defense Software v1.021  
Cryton Defense Software v1.119   Cryton Multilink Defense Software v1.124  
Cryton Multilink Defense Software v1.243   Cryton Multilink Defense Software v1.481  
HCK Booster 1 HCK Booster 1   HCK Booster 2 HCK Booster 2  

HCK Booster 3 HCK Booster 3