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  • No copyright content should be used without the express written consent of the copyright holder
    • Any content that is copyright and has permission used needs to have a copyright tag at the bottom of the page and also an admin needs to be informed.
  • All content posted onto this site is used under the GNU policy

Naming Convention

  • Naming of a page should use the full name of the subject unless an abbreviation is more commonly used - for example NC should not be a name page, the page should be called Neocron.
  • The first letter of all names should be capitalised, any subsequent letters should be lower case, unless in a second word.
  • The uses of slashes in names to indicate a sub section is prohibited, instead think to add it to a category
  • Any pages to do with the day to day running of the NCwiki website need to be prefixed with Project:<page name> to give ease of linking.

Page Conventions

  • Pages should not be created to promote old or current neocron servers.
  • Pages should not be created to promote old or current neocron players.
  • Pages should not be created to promote old neocron clans.
  • Pages created to promote current neocron clans must contain relevant information. Relevance is rewieved on a case to case basis by Nc-Wiki admins.
    • All clan based pages should be within the Clan: namespace - Admins will move them if they are not.

Language Conventions

  • This site is in UK-ENGLISH and all articles should conform to UK English spelling. Example: colour not color!