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As of the 16th December 2008, the NC-Wiki now has support for allowing users to add video's and soundclips.

The NC-Wiki uses the Embeded Video plugin to show videos and other external media content.


Sometimes, you need to illustrate a page with a sound or a video. Here is a rough guide to what we are looking. The Sysops reserve the right to remove any files which are considered unsuitable.

What sort of files to show in pages

  • Short videos (eg. Players fighting a mob)
  • Sound samples (eg. The creepy sounds of the sewers)

Generally the video or sound should be used to help illustrate an article better.

What not to put in pages

  • Your uber "I pwned everyone" PvP video
  • Your lastest Hollywood style movie style story.
  • Anything more than a few minutes long.
  • Low resolution videos if possible - New footage should be at least 1280x720p

Using the files in the page

Here is how to use a sound or video clip in a page.

Including your video in a page

Just add this tag in the right place on the page.


Content changes - August 2017

As of August 2017, the NC Wiki ediaplayer plugin has been retired from use. Any video content that was on the NC-Wiki has been moved to the THN YouTube channel and in some cases the original footage has been located. All pages have been updated to point to the YouTube content.