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9mm pistol

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9mm Pistol
9mm pistol.jpg
Type Lowtech pistol
Fire mode Single shot
Rate of fire 50/min
Range 114m
Mag size 16
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Hit-scan
Default ammo 9mm clip

Official description

The pistol resembles archaic firearms in a lot of ways. A single bullet is loaded into the firing chamber where a hammer propels the projectile when the trigger is pulled


With standard amunition, this weapon deals Icon piercing.png damage.

  • Cheap to build
  • Unique modding capabilities
  • Slow firerate
  • Inacurate on medium to long ranges

Ammo mods

  • 9mm clip - Explosive: Piercing, Force
  • 9mm clip - Phosphor Enriched: Piercing, Fire damage over time
  • 9mm clip - Uranium Enriched: Piercing, X-ray damage over time

Avaiable models