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Call of the Hurlerking

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Mission 1: Required Rank: */55

In the desert, you find a strange vibrating stone.

The plant
Hurler King
  • Go to J 16 and touch the Stone of the Hurler King.
  • Talk to the Keeper of the Stone of the Hurler King. (He's in a tower/bunker).
  • Go to the northern exit of Tech haven. Under the ramp is a bush, talk to it. You get an extract.
  • Talk to the Keeper in J 16 again. You get a strange crystal.
  • Touch the Stone again, the Hurler King (120/120) will spawn with 4 bodyguards (100/100).
  • Kill the Hurler King and bodyguards.
  • Touch the stone again, you get the reward

Mission reward