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Ceres War Soldier

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Combat 32.png
Ceres War Soldier
Image of Ceres War Soldier
Race Human (Human)
70/70 **
Loot Old Uniform Scraps
Damage types

force Damage
piercing Damage
fire Damage


The Ceres War Soldier is a remnant from the Ceres wars between the Dome of York and Neocron. A small pocket of the attackers were left in one of the storage areas close to Neocron, it is presumed that these soldiers are from a more heavily armoured section of the Ceres army as they are all armed with rocket launchers. Rumour among runners is that a more powerful soldier can be found deeper into the storage areas, and that these soldiers will protect their leader to the death.

Aswell as junk the Soldiers will drop Survival Kit and Stamina Boosters of all levels in their loot.