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Combat knife

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Combat knife
Combat knife.jpg
Type Lowtech melee
Fire mode Stroke
Attack speed 75/min
Range Melee range
Stamina cost 5

Official description

The combat knife is the improved version of the special alloy knife which was developed by the military. Cold-rolled carbon-steel and high quality workmanship give this melee combat weapon very good efficiency and durability


On hit, this weapon deals Icon piercing.png damage.

  • High attack speed
  • Decent damage


Variant: Stiletto


The stiletto is a pure stabbing weapon, with no cutting power. It is inconspiculous to carry and an elegant weapon of supreme quality.

Variant: Alloy knife

Alloy knife

This knife made of a special alloy is the standard melee combat and thrills, slicing through even the strongest materials with its extra sharpened 10mm carbon-steel blade

List of avaiable models