Dancer Sin Refuses Work

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Quest Giver

This is a follow-up mission given by the Electric Vibes Club Manager, who is waiting by the top-level entrance. It is offered upon completion of a previous mission.


A dancer named Sin is unwilling to do her work. Unfortunately, she is not replaceable, because the visitors totally crave her. Convice her to continue work.


  1. Visit Sin and talk to her. She is located in the employee dressing backroom on the bottom level of the club behind the dressing walls next to the backdoor entrance to the club.
  2. Sin complains about a guy, who harasses the girls going home, outside the nearby backdoor entrance. During dialogue, you will tell her that the stalker is not a problem any more. She will then tell you to leave as she has to dress for work now.
  3. Report back to the club manager.