DoY Tunnels

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DoY Tunnel entrance K, in Wastelands sector I-09.

The DoY tunnels are tunnels that span a very large area of the wastelands, coming to the surface in certain areas, and staying underground in others. There are three kinds of "levels", meaning a certain tunnel section is of level 1, 2 or 3.

There are 27 DoY Tunnels.

Level 3 tunnel mobs drop many rare parts and mods.

Level 1 Tunnels

Tunnel A, Tunnel B, Tunnel E, Tunnel K, Tunnel M, Tunnel S, Tunnel U, Tunnel V, Tunnel W, Tunnel Z, Tunnel KOS

Level 2 Tunnels

Tunnel C, Tunnel D, Tunnel F, Tunnel H, Tunnel J, Tunnel L, Tunnel N, Tunnel P, Tunnel R, Tunnel T, Tunnel Y

Level 3 Tunnels

Tunnel G, Tunnel I, Tunnel O, Tunnel Q, Tunnel X

DoY Tunnels Overview Maps

Tunnel A Tunnel B Tunnel C Tunnel D Tunnel E Tunnel F Tunnel G Tunnel H Tunnel I Tunnel J Tunnel K Tunnel L Tunnel M Tunnel N Tunnel O Tunnel P Tunnel Q Tunnel R Tunnel S Tunnel T Tunnel U Tunnel V Tunnel W Tunnel X Tunnel Y Tunnel Z Tunnel KOS

Video of fighting in the Tunnels