Eye Implants

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    Eye implants are a subset of implants that are designed to go into the eye implant slot. You may only have 1 eye implant poked into your character at any one time.

    Eye Implant

     TLItem nameRequirementsModifiersStatus
    4Cyber GPU V0.1INT:4 WEP:+2.64 T‑C:+2.64
    RES:-1.00 REP:-1.00 REC:-1.00
    5Melee Coordinator V0.1STR:5 WEP:+1.12 M‑C:+3.36 T‑C:+1.12
    H‑C:-1.00 P‑C:-1.00 R‑C:-1.00
    6Pistol Targeting Matrix V0.1DEX:6 WEP:+1.18 P‑C:+3.55 T‑C:+1.18
    H‑C:-1.00 R‑C:-1.17
    7Rifle Targeting Matrix V0.1DEX:7 WEP:+1.25 R‑C:+3.74 T‑C:+1.25
    H‑C:-1.00 P‑C:-1.23
    7Heavy Targeting Matrix V0.1STR:14 WEP:+1.67 H‑C:+5.09 T‑C:+1.67
    M‑C:-1.12 P‑C:-1.00 R‑C:-1.00
    8Drone Targetting Matrix V0.1DEX:10 WPW:+1.44 T‑C:+1.44 RCL:+4.32
    M‑C:-1.00 H‑C:-1.00 P‑C:-1.00 R‑C:-1.00
    9Crahn Psychic Power Mask V0.1PSI:9 FCS:+4.13 PPW:+2.75
    HCK:-1.00 WEP:-1.00 WPW:-1.00
    22Cyber GPU V0.2DEX:22 WEP:+5.52 T‑C:+5.52
    RES:-1.20 REP:-1.20 REC:-1.20
    24Smart Cyber GPU V1.01DEX:24 P‑C:+4.67 R‑C:+4.67 T‑C:+2.34
    M‑C:-1.93 H‑C:-1.93
    25Melee Coordinator V0.2STR:25 WEP:+2.40 M‑C:+7.20 T‑C:+2.40
    H‑C:-1.58 P‑C:-1.19 R‑C:-1.19
    35Pistol Targeting Matrix V0.2DEX:35 WEP:+3.10 P‑C:+9.31 T‑C:+3.10
    H‑C:-2.05 R‑C:-3.07
    35iSpyINT:35 HCK:+14.00 WEP:+3.00 T‑C:+11.00
    37Rifle Targeting Matrix V0.2DEX:37 WEP:+3.17 R‑C:+9.50 T‑C:+3.17
    H‑C:-2.09 P‑C:-3.14
    38Heavy Targeting Matrix V0.2STR:38 WEP:+3.23 H‑C:+9.70 T‑C:+3.23
    M‑C:-2.13 P‑C:-1.60 R‑C:-1.60
    39Crahn Psychic Power Mask V0.2PSI:39 FCS:+9.89 PPW:+6.59
    HCK:-2.17 WEP:-1.63 WPW:-1.63
    40Drone Targetting Matrix V0.2DEX:40 WPW:+3.36 T‑C:+3.36 RCL:+10.08
    M‑C:-1.39 H‑C:-1.39 P‑C:-1.39 R‑C:-1.39
    45Melee Coordinator V0.3STR:45 WEP:+3.68 M‑C:+11.04 T‑C:+3.68
    H‑C:-2.43 P‑C:-1.82 R‑C:-1.82
    46DoY Repair CoordinatorDEX:46 REP:+18.72
    RES:-3.09 REC:-3.09
    50DoY Material AnalyzerDEX:50 REC:+20.00
    RES:-3.30 REP:-3.30
    51Smart Cyber GPU V1.02INT:40 P‑C:+6.72 R‑C:+6.72 T‑C:+3.36
    M‑C:-2.77 H‑C:-2.77
    52DoY Vehicle Coordination LinkageDEX:52 VHC:+20.54
    60Smart Cyber GPU V1.03INT:60 P‑C:+9.28 R‑C:+9.28 T‑C:+4.64
    M‑C:-3.83 H‑C:-3.83
    66Pistol Targeting Matrix V0.3DEX:66 WEP:+5.02 P‑C:+15.07 T‑C:+5.02
    H‑C:-3.31 R‑C:-4.97
    67Rifle Targeting Matrix V0.3DEX:67 WEP:+5.09 R‑C:+15.26 T‑C:+5.09
    H‑C:-3.36 P‑C:-5.04
    68Heavy Targeting Matrix V0.3STR:68 WEP:+5.15 H‑C:+15.45 T‑C:+5.15
    M‑C:-3.40 P‑C:-2.55 R‑C:-2.55
    69Crahn Psychic Power Mask V0.3PSI:69 FCS:+15.65 PPW:+10.43
    HCK:-3.44 WEP:-2.58 WPW:-2.58
    70Drone Targeting Matrix V0.3DEX:70 WPW:+5.28 T‑C:+5.28 RCL:+15.84
    M‑C:-2.18 H‑C:-2.18 P‑C:-2.18 R‑C:-2.18
    72Smart Cyber GPU V1.04INT:72 P‑C:+10.82 R‑C:+10.82 T‑C:+5.41
    M‑C:-4.46 H‑C:-4.46