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Type Lowtech heavy weapon
Fire mode Single shot
Rate of fire 30/min
Range 45m
Mag size 30
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Hit-scan
Default ammo Flamer gas

Official description

The current flamethrower can be loaded with various highly toxic and flammable liquids. When fired, the high compression of the liquid used ensures high efficiency and firepower


With standard amunition, this weapon deals Icon fire.png damage and additional Icon fire.png damage over time.

Note: Despite how it looks, this weapon is single target only and hits targets at the moment of fire button is pressed. Additional lingering fire particle effects do nothing.

  • High damage per hit
  • Additional stackable damage over time
  • Extremely short range
  • Slow fire rate
  • Highest non-rare version needs to be downloaded from hacknet

Ammo mods

  • Flamer Gas - Cerosine: Increases upfront damage, removes DoT component
  • Flamer Gas - Napalm: Decreases upfront damage, increases DoT component damage and duration
  • Flamer Gas - War: Changes fire DoT component into Poison DoT component

List of avaiable models