Gerry Has Bill Open

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Quest Giver

This is a follow-up mission given by the Electric Vibes Club Manager, who is waiting by the top-level entrance. It is offered upon completion of a previous mission.


A guest named Gerry Claymore has a bill open. Convice him that it is better for his health to pay up.


  1. Visit Gerry Claymore and talk to him. He is located on the top level nearby the club manager at a table.
  2. Gerry Claymore tells you that he is drinking so much, because his wife left him - and that he has no money to pay. You find a solution by giving him 500 NC to pay the bill.
  3. Report back to the club manager.


  • 5000 NC
  • 5000 XP in Intelligence
  • Item Electric Vibes Club - V.I.P. Pass