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HVAP-100 Freeman Pistol

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HVAP-100 Freeman Pistol
HVAP Freeman.jpg
Type Lowtech pistol
Fire mode Single shot
Rate of fire 83/min
Range 271m
Mag size 12
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Projectile
Projectile speed 500m/s
Default ammo 9mm Clip - Assassin

Official description

The 'HVAP-100 Freeman' Pistol is an improved version of the initial Wisdom of Ceres database designs that were secured from Regant's mutants at the attack on the CityMercs convoy.

This special pistol excels with improved penetration and handling and is favored by contract killers because of its remarkable optical design. The 'HVAP-100 Freeman' pistol uses specially adapted '9mm Assassin' ammunition


With standard ammunition, this weapon deals Icon piercing.png damage.

  • High rate of fire
  • High damage
  • Accurate
  • High range, even greater than Laser Pistol

  • High recoil
  • Over higher distances, not-so-great projectile speed

Ammo mods


This weapon is a mission reward for completing HVAP-100 Freeman Pistol Mission