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Incendiary grenade

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Incendiary grenade
Incendiary grenade.jpg
Type Lowtech melee
Fire mode Throw
Attack speed 38/min
Max range 250m
Stamina cost 8
Projectile speed 105m/s

Official description

The incendiary grenade is a hand thrown bomb which leaves lingering fire on whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast radius.


On hit, this weapon deals Icon force.png damage.

A single purchase from the vendor gives 24 grenades that free the quickbelt slot after use. A single stack of grenades cannot be refilled.


Explosion triggers another explosion in a very small AoE near center, rewarding accuracy.


Explosion applies stackable Burning negative effect, dealing Icon fire.png damage over time for 8 seconds

  • AoE damage
  • High damage when stacked damage over time
  • Difficult aiming - grenades fly in an arc
  • You have to constantly refill the belt with new grenades when you use up all of them
  • No rare version
  • Explosion does self-damage
  • Damage over time can be easily purged by PPU or nanites

List of avaiable models


There is no rare version of this weapon