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Every mob you kill has items (the Loot) which you can take for you as a reward, those items range from worthless up to priceless.

Types of Loot

- Snacks (MilkiRen, Syntetic Wine, etc)

- Junk (Chitin, Wood, etc.)

- Biological (BioTech Garbage, Mutated Limbs, Tufts of Hair, etc.)

- Chemicals (Solantium, MetalD, Adiclovin, etc.)

- Parts (Weapon Parts, Vehicle Parts, Implant Parts, etc.)

- Mechanical (Energy Generator, Processor, Hydraulic Parts)

- Medical (MediKit, Stamina Booster, etc.)

- Weapons (Lazar Rifle, Crahn Holy Fire Lance)

- Implants (Reflex Booster V1, Cyber Scan GPU V1)

- Unique Weapons (Judgement Day Launcher)

- Trophy Parts (Carapace, Carcass, Remains)

- Rare Parts (Unidentified Tech Parts)

- WOC Discs

- Mission Items (If you had to kill Mob X to get Loot Y to bring it to NPC Z)

Note: When you overpower (Higher Weapon Rank) a mob, he will drop fewer items, or none at all.