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NCPD Manhunt

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This mission was created by a member of the community, LeoPump. It was one of the winners of an NCPD mission contest in 2013 and was added in update 2.3.1-10.

Mission 1 - NCPD Manhunt! (Mission 1) - Required Rank:BR 25+

Special Agent Jay Florish wants you to talk with Officer Jenna. Afterwards you have to talk with Bud Corn. Return to Officer jenna, when you're finished.
Mission Time: 2 Days


Jay Florish



Bud Corn

  • Talk with Jay Florish at the top floor of the NCPD HQ to start the mission.
  • Speak with Officer Jenna.
  • Interrogate Bud Corn outside near the GR.
  • Return to Jenna with the info.

Mission Rewards

  • 1,000 xp in all skills
  • 1,500 nc

Mission 2 - NCPD Manhunt! (Mission 2)

Find and interrogate Steve Core. Talk to Special Agent Jay Florish afterwards.
Mission Time: 2 Days


Steve Core

  • Speak to Jay Florish to start the mission.
  • Find and speak to Steve Core deep in the Sewers in Viarosso SEC-3.
  • Defeat Steve Core and return to Jay.

Mission Rewards

  • 1,500 xp in all skills
  • 2,500 nc

Mission 3 - NCPD Manhunt! (Mission 3)

Special Agent Jay Florish wants you to clean up the mess. Kill Burn Corn.
Mission Time: 2 Days
  • Speak to Jay Florish to start the mission.
  • Take out Bud Corn.
  • Return to Jay.

Mission Rewards