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Plasma pistol

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Plasma pistol
Plasma pistol.jpg
Type Hightech pistol
Fire mode 2 shot burst
Rate of fire 99/min
Range 150m
Mag size 20
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Projectile
Projectile speed 680 m/s
Default ammo Plasma pistol packet

Official description

As the conflict grew within the city, weapon manufacturers soon realized the demand for a more compact,lighter-weight versions of the current energy weapons being used. Soon, top engineers at the Tangent Division of Biotech Industries mastered the art of micro-weapon design and production, leading to a stead flow of energy pistol weapons into the city.

The plasma pistol uses a combination of plasma formation methods to maximize effectiveness. The intense heat of the plasma incinerates almost anything in its path inflicting sever heat damage on the target. This, in combination with the kinetic energy of the beam's acceleration, makes it one of the most powerful pistols avaiable


With standard amunition, this weapon deals Icon energy.png damage.

  • High rate of fire
  • High damage per shot
  • Inaccurate

Ammo mods

  • Plasma pistol packet - Heat compressed: Energy, Fire
  • Plasma pistol packet - Nova: Energy, Force
  • Plasma pistol packet - Radioactive: Energy, X-ray

List of avaiable models