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Raygun rifle

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Raygun rifle
Raygun rifle.jpg
Type Hightech rifle
Fire mode Single shot
Rate of fire 49/min
Range 525m
Mag size 16
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Hit-scan
Default ammo Raygun rifle ammo

Official description

The gluon-boson suspension ray gun bores through the target by disassembling it at the atomic level. Upon impact, the ray disintegrates the target's molecular structure, leading to direct death if any vital body parts are hit.


With standard amunition, this weapon deals Icon energy.png and Icon xray.png damage.

Raygun damage falloff of Raygun cannon does not apply to this weapon.

  • Very high damage per shot
  • Accurate
  • Good range
  • Slow fire rate

Ammo mods

  • Raygun rifle ammo - Disintegrated: Energy, X-ray, fire
  • Raygun rifle ammo - High-frequented: Energy only
  • Raygun rifle ammo - Quantum: Shifts damage towards X-ray instead energy

List of avaiable models