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Second Love

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Second Love
Second love.jpg
Type Hightech rifle
Fire mode Single shot
Rate of fire 104/min
Range 600m
Mag size 16
Reload 2.5s
Projectile type Projectile
Projectile speed 680 m/s
Default ammo Concentrated plasma packet

Official description

Cervantes Talos was a crazy man, or so went the rumors around the city. Others however, thought he was a genius others again merely thought of him as slightly odd. But whatever they thought, people were never comfortable getting too close to him, maybe because no one had ever known as much about weapons as he did. Sometimes he would be not be seen for weeks, as he was hsut away in his lab working on his weapons. He would reverse engineer them, micro-manage and alter the calibration, then reconstruct them again in a subtly different way. One time, he exceeded even his won high expectations, creating a new and immensely powerful plasma rifle with grace and perfection unseen before or since. However, the word is defined, this gun became his first and only love, to him it meant more than any living being he had ever known - charming, beautiful, and lethal. It is not known what happened to him or the gun afterward. - description the same as First Love.


With standard amunition, this weapon deals Icon energy.png and Icon xray.png damage.

  • High rate of fire
  • High damage per shot
  • Accurate
  • Good range
  • Slow projectile speed

Ammo mods

  • Concentrated plasma packet - 'Becquerel': Energy, X-ray over time instead upfront
  • Concentrated plasma packet - 'Maxwell': Energy, Force
  • Concentrated plasma packet - 'Von Meyer': Energy, X-ray, Fire

List of avaiable models