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Storyline:The Death Circuit

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The Death Circuit storyline ran from Friday, 15th September 2006 to Wednesday 31st October 2007.

Chapter #1: Rising Decay

The Death Circuit storyline started with the murder of Lioon Reza by poisoning of his coffee. The Dome was immediately blamed and Neocron's troops are mobilised. It eventually came to battle between the dome and Neocron but after an extensive fight both sides run out of ordinance and the leaders are forced to look around them noticing that many of the dead bodies have gone missing. Soon after, Regant launches an attack on the combined forces of Neocron and the Dome having used the fallen soldiers of both sides to bolster his own rank's.

Chapter #2:

Chapter #3:

Chapter #4:

(One of the chapters is called "Digital infection", it's either this one or the 3rd one)

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