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Text copied from the THN to be added to guides.

Starting An Epic Mission

In order to start an Epic Mission, you need to belong to the faction you're doing the Epic Mission for, then you go to a Human Resources Director or Recruitment Officer in that faction's headquarters and talk to them. They will go through a dialogue that will start your first mission.

Changing Factions

To switch factions, you will need to talk to a Human Resources Director (Pro-City) or Recruitment Officer (Anti-City) of the faction you wish to join. You will need to make sure three things are ready when you do this:

1. You will need 300,000nc. This will be paid to the NPC you speak to. 2. Faction Sympathy with your new faction must be at 50 or higher. You can only raise Faction Sympathy by doing missions from the CityTerm or the special missions if your Faction Sympathy is too low. 3. You must be clanless when you attempt the switch, otherwise it will not work.

Once you talk to the NPC and pass these conditions, you will join that faction.

Special Missions

If your faction Sympathy is too low (Like below zero or worse) you will find you cannot do missions for you faction from the CityTerm.

These missions can also be used to raise your Soullight.

However you can do special missions in Tech Haven if you have very low Faction Sympathy. You get these missions from Coporate Contacts in Tech Haven Sector 2 for Neocron Factions, and Resistance Officers in Sector 3 for Dome of York Factions. For City Mercs, look for the Special Operations Officer in Tech Haven Sector 2.

These NPC's give you a mission to kill 20 Anarchy Breed Agressors. When you complete the mission you will be rewarded 5 Faction Sympathy point to the faction you did the mission for. You can find Anarchy Breed Agressors in sectors H05 and H10. (And maybe I09)

Increased XP rewards

Update 2.5 significantly increased XP for epic missions. So far I've only fully run through the epics for FA, NEXT, and CM, but they seem to be consistent:

  1. rank 10 -> 5,000 XP
  2. rank 20 -> 10,000 XP
  3. rank 30 -> 15,000 XP
  4. rank 35 -> 17,500 XP
  5. rank 40 -> 20,000 XP
  6. rank 45 -> 22,500 XP

Please correct if this is different for any of the other epics. - Flib (talk) 20:49, 28 March 2021 (UTC)