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Mission {{{Number}}}


Template-info.pngTemplate Documentation[edit]

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Mission/doc. (edit | history)

 |Number= Mission number in a series
 |Title=Title for the mission
 |Rank = Rank required for the mission
 |Top = Ingame text for mission
 |Time = Ingame time given for the mission
 |Image_1 = Images associated with the mission (Floats and thumbs only!)
 |Image_2 =
 |Image_3 =
 |Image_4 =
 |Content = Bullet points associated with the mission
 |Tipcontent = Tip content information associated with the mission using {{TB_col}}
 |Reward = Rewards from the mission

Mission 4 - Epic Part One - Required Rank:*/35

The ingame text for the 4th mission of the Fallen Angels Epic
Mission Time: 4 days


Special Box



Special Box

Mission Rewards