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Tradeskill PowerArmor Guide

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Tradeskill PowerArmor Guide

Mission 1 - Rivets all the way

  • Talk to Snacky in J16 to get started.
  • Provide 50 Rivets and 50 Metal Plates and give it to Snacky.

Mission rewards

  • 25.000 NC
  • 6.500 XP

Mission 2 - Copbot Slayer

  • If done on a Tradeskill char, you will be asked to provide 30 Copbot heads.
  • If done on a DPS char, you will need to kill 10 Copbot Defectors and loot 10 heads.

Mission rewards

  • 35.000 NC
  • 2x 12.000 XP

Mission 3 - Job Center Delivery

  • Get a package from Pierre at Job Center (Top floor, room with Warbot statues)
  • Deliver package back to Snacky together with 15 Metal Pipes and 10 Big packs of Construction grease

  • After package and items have been delivered you will be asked to wait 5 min (real minutes)

Mission rewards

  • You will get a plain PowerArmor and the mission will end.
  • He will give you a hint on where to go next.
  • 45.000 NC
  • 2x 9.500 XP

Mission "4" - Coloring the PA

Putting color on the Power Armor. (Defining what Tradeskill it will be)

  • Go to MB Entrance, at the bottom of the Elevator shaft is a trader called Mueller that sells Ink (200k NC or something like that)

  • Bring the Plain PowerArmor and the Ink to Secured Doy City Center (Name of the GR)
  • All the way up and you will find a NCP called Tinderella
  • Give Ink and 500.000 NC and wait 5 min (5 real minutes)

Mission rewards

  • Enjoy your Tradeskill PowerArmor
  • 1.000 XP