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Disclaimer - Unofficial Support Page
This page is contributed to by the Neocron Community to help other members of the community. It is not an official page supported by the Neocron Support Team or the Tech Haven Network. Use of this page is entirely at your own risk.

Troubleshoot the Launcher

Run as Administrator

Rule #1: If you have installed the Launcher/Game on C: you always need to run the launcher as Administrator, no exceptions. No Sir/Ma'am, No Exceptions. ALWAYS.
Failing to do so, will cause additional problems further down the road.

  • Right-Click on the shortcut or on the application itself
  • Select "Run as Administrator"

The Launchers logfiles might give a hint on what is wrong as well.
Default location is "C:\Games\Neocron Evolution Launcher\_nclapp\applog.log"
Search in the logfile for WARN, ERROR, FAIL or "not found".

Examples of errors in the log:
2021-05-12 00:03:27,503 [69] WARN Setting up language for 'nc2retail' to 'English'... - Language.ini not found!
2021-05-12 00:03:27,505 [69] WARN Updating UPDATER.INI for 'nc2retail' ... - INI file not found - Skipping
2021-05-12 00:03:58,384 [59] WARN Setting up language for 'nc2retail' to 'English'... - Language.ini not found!

Troubleshoot the Neocron Client

Game has worked before, but stopped working

Launcher Red Triangle

If you see a Red Triangle in the launcher near your installation (See Picture to the right). That means that your installations is broken, do a Repair and Cleanup.
Removing models.tmp

Repair and Cleanup

One quick fix might be to remove models.tmp from the game directory.
Default location is: "C:\Games\Neocron Evolution 2.5\models.tmp"

Repair and Cleanup
If this fails, next step is to do a "Cleanup and Repair"

  • Start the launcher (As Admin if you have installed on C:)
  • Right click on the "Neocron Evolution 2.5" icon on the left side on the Launcher
  • Select Repair and Cleanup

Note that this step will remove all files not being a part of the default installation of Neocron.
RPOS mods and similar will be removed as a result of this.

Check logfiles


If the problem still exists, please check logfiles and see what is going on.
They will often tell you what is wrong.
Default location for logfiles are:

  • For the game: "C:\Games\Neocron Evolution 2.5\logs"
  • For the Launcher: "C:\Games\Neocron Evolution Launcher\_nclapp\applog.log"

If the logs tell you files are missing as the example, please try to repair the game.
Last resort if repair does not work, remove and re-install the game.
Remember to run the launcher as Administrator if you are installing to C:

Game has never worked

Do a repair as described above
If the repair does not work, please do a fresh install of the game.