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Welcome to my personal page on!

About Marsbarz

I used to play the NC1 beta and thought it was a very awesome game. I completely fell in love with the gameplay, the concepts, and the entire post-apocalyptic futurism in the game; thought it was all very brilliantly executed. I was hoping for a new NC-like game to come out that would be like NC but with better graphics, but it's yet to arrive. It's all quite disappointing. :/

I spent a few years running a clan up in NC with some of my buddies from my school. We made friends with some of the folk over in England and we all had a blast - we're still good friends to this day.

Unfortunately my school friends quickly tired of Neocron and did not resubscribe. The clan carried on through the people we had recruited and even after I went on a long hiatus the clan went on. Actually, I'm very pleased with the way it carried on because the subsequent leadership was magnitudes greater than mine ever could be and for that I'm very grateful. The clan quickly became one of the top clans in NC and it was all quite good.

My commitments to

Currently I am focusing my time spent on NC-Wiki to completing the Implants segment.

I am also scouring other articles and reformatting them to look neater and more organized, and categorizing articles without categories.

More to come later when I feel like adding more information. :)