Area MC5 Mission

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MC5 Starter Mission

Mission 1 - Required Rank:1/1

Eliminate the Area MC5-Security System Bots to recover 4 x Prototype AMC5 Processor  


Civil Administrator



Chief Technician



Energy Production Unit

  • Talk to the Civil Administrator in the main Area MC5 Building to start the mission.
  • Tell him you were told to talk to him to get money to use the GeneReplicator.
  • He will offer you a job to recover 4 x Prototype AMC5 Processor  .
  • Speak to the Chief Technician for further information.
  • Leave the main building and head South to the Energy Production Unit.
  • Kill and loot the Area MC5-Security System Bots.
  • Once you have 4 x Prototype AMC5 Processor   return to the Chief Technician and receive your reward.

Mission Rewards

  • 3,000 NC credits