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Area MC5

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Area MC5 exists in two forms:

  1. As the entrance to the Neocron world for a new runner. Once you exit you cannot return to this version.
  2. A challenging area for capped players in the Wastelands, offering powerful items and rare item parts as loot.

New Runner MC5

Inside MC5. The first thing you will see on entering the Neocron World.

Within the relative safety of MC5, new runners have the opportunity to get to grips with the game and earn some starter cash before departing for the city. You cannot return to his version of Area MC5 once you exit.

Civil Advisors

Civil Advisors
Inside the MC5 Main Building

Area MC5 (NPC) Civil Advisors can be found here who will offer information on your chosen class. There is one for each class, take the time to talk to them. You will find them inside the main building and also just outside the main building.


You can accept a mission for a sizable sum of extra NC credits and XP, the Area MC5 Mission (click for mission walkthrough). Afterward, Lorcan also has a mission (3x Solantium), upon completion of which he will forward the player to Ezra Reid who also has a mission (2x entrails), further on to Tasha with her mission (kill 5 small rattlesnake), on to Geordi with his mission (see his wiki page) and then to Wesley with a final mission (5x wood, 2x metal plate).

The items gathered from killing the mobs along the mission chain can be sold to the nomad traders at their camp in the area.

If all missions are done, one enters Neocron with a hand full of useful starter weapons, a set of armor, about 12000 credits and a rank of about 7 =~ 34 sum of all main skill levels.


Outside the MC5 main building

Various mobs crawl the MC5 landscape providing XP.

Strange Cave

Strange Cave entrance
Inside the Strange Cave
Combat 32.png
Wee Crawler
Image of Wee Crawler
Race Unknown
Damage types

piercing Damage

Combat 32.png
Big Iguana
Image of Big Iguana
Race Unknown
Damage types

piercing Damage
poison Damage


The strange cave offers your first opportunity to meet some of the various mobs to be found in Neocron. From the Level 1/1 Wee Crawler to the level 16/16 Big Iguana. Kill or be killed! Grab some XP Before you leave for the city.


Inside the main building is a vendor who sells weapons and ammo.Travel east of the main building to find a traders camp. The Nomads there sell various equipment, ranging from weapons, ammo and Medical Kits to tradeskill tools and basic implants. There is also a Nomad buying all your junk items, just like the Yo's in Neocron City do.


Exit the newbie Area MC5 using the GeneReplicator located to the left coming down out of the main building. You will be teleported to your Apartment. Outside, Mr. Jones will be waiting to welcome you to a set of newbie missions in order to get to know the city and its different sectors.

Capped Player MC5

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You can return here to battle the Base Commander and security personnel in the conquest of rare parts to assemble for the coveted MC5 Implant Chips. It can be found in the Wastelands sector H 14.